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Flipkart SPN Services

Sell online to 11 Cr+ customers with Us!

Torenia Technology is proud to introduce itself as a part of Flipkart Service Provider Network to help the sellers in the marketplace to launch and manage their products. Our years of expertise and keen observation of Flipkart marketplace has empowered us to take sellers and businesses to the new heights of success in the ever-blooming eCommerce marketplace. We have a team of Flipkart-trained professionals who are well-versed with everything that is needed to become a successful seller or brand on the Flipkart marketplace.

Account Management
Account Managment
Do you need help to manage and grow your e-commerce business? we are the trusted partners to help you.
Accounting And Taxation
Connect with our experts to integrate your accounting systems and for the reconciliation of payments at the order level.
Flipkart Advertising Services
Use high level advertising services to promote your products and increase your sales. Let our AdsExperts Partner manage your ads.
Flipkart Cataloging Services
Build an attractive catalog with convincing content to attract more customers. Connect with our cataloging experts. Convert traffic to sales
Flipkart Imaging Services
Do you want to show your products with high quality images? Connect with our trusted partners and increase your sales.
Seller Account Reinstatement
Have your account been deactivated or on hold? Our experts will help you reset your account and ensure that your accounts are not suspended in the future
Account Management
Seller Training
Get information on how to sell in Flipkart from our trusted partners and understand them, the different tools and policies necessary to increase your business
Product Sourcing
wish to get a wide variety of quality products? we help you in product research and connect with manufacturers and distributors throughout India.
Do you need professional assistance in the presentation of taxes and administer your money? Connect with our experts in the account.

Why to Choose Us?

We’ve spent countless hours scouring the Flipkart Marketplace to find the solutions, routing, strategies, and more you need to bring your brand to the top.

The ever-changing demands of online business and harsh competition have diverted the businesses to opt for innovative techniques, tools, models and strategies that can simplify the business, operations, advertising and customer management. Here, Torenia Technology plays a vital role in offering centralised solutions for streamlining Flipkart Marketplace Solution.

  • 100% innovative approach to feed quality products
  • Maintains integrity of online shop
  • Increase brand reputation among potential customers
  • Product store trust
  • Error free properties
  • Fully fledged functionality of the store